A robot designed to carry your stuff

Give gita your groceries. Your gear. Your yoga mat. Or whatever moves you.
And gita will move right along with you.
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It doesn't look like it would carry that much stuff to warrant the bulk of it and the amount. Maybe I just carry too much stuff around with me. Not super practical for the tube either...
@ejsnowdon Having spent considerable time in London, I can only imagine the looks people would give on the tube if you strolled in with this
@ejsnowdon @aaronoleary there is actually a guy I've seen in the city where we live that uses a single wheel scooter with his bags stashed on it follow him around. it does look a little odd, but hey, to each their own.
This looks like something out of Half-Life.
Or tie a red wagon to your waist to carry more things and save $3,200.
@bradenhamm I like your thinking
This is pretty awesome and it looks pretty cute as well. @abadesi should totally get this for your travels around London
good finding. but looks hard to make it into reality.