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#2 Product of the DayOctober 27, 2015
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Hi everybody, this is Tim, one of the makers behind Git2Go. When @pietbrauer and I started to discuss the idea of Git2Go earlier this year, we we’re driven by the idea to unleash use cases which are far more complex than to-do lists or twitter clients from the desktop as their primary platform. We imagined a world in which you could easily change code whereever you are, commit changes straight to a repository and instantly update the product experience for your users. Now, 9 months later, we’re beyond proud to finally introduce the first version of Git2Go to you. It brings powerful features like seamles GitHub integration, an easy to use code editor and full support for your commit history to your iPhone or iPad. We're already hard at work to submit version 1.1 with some neat new features but are of course thankful for every feedback we can get as early as possible! Cheers, Tim
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@herbigt looks cool! But I thought I read once that Git couldn't be ported to iOS because of licensing issues? Was that wrong? Or did you find a workaround?
@sachagreif they are using object git
@sachagreif We use ObjectiveGit on top of libgit2 which has a linking exception in the GPLv2 license.
Amazing, and being able to edit from your phone is the best :) Now I'll love to see integration with bitbucket as a lot of people uses it for having private small projects, as it's free, not like github
@ajimix thanks, @ajimix! We're already working on Bitbucket integration and definitely want to ship it as one of our next updates.
@herbigt @ajimix looking fwd to this, thanks!
Good job @pietbrauer! Nice to see what came out of this project
@lukasingelheim thank you 😊
@herbigt & @pietbrauer Looks nice. However, I am not able to access my organization's repos. Am I missing something or is this a feature that could be available in version 1.1?
@triplejberger your org might restrict access to 3rd party apps. That's not obvious at first but once your admin says it's ok for Git2Go to access your repos, they should appear in Git2Go
@pietbrauer @triplejberger Thanks! *learned something new about GitHub* 😀
@triplejberger Glad if it worked 😊 Happy commiting!
Does it work with GitLab?
@lukaszmtw not yet, but we have an eye on it after integrating Bitbucket. Stay tuned! :)