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It certainly has a minimal aesthetic, I guess meant to appeal to those text-lovin' developers. But it's a useful addition to the current 'explore' page, GitHub's existing method of discovery, which highlights projects via showcases (similar to Collections on PH).
There's an opportunity to better curate developer tools, specifically open source software that people can improve, fork, and work together on. I see some interesting intersections with @mdeiters' Assembly. Another addition for @souravparwani's Product Hunt for X collection.
@mdeiters @rrhoover thanks ! added it to the collection
Looks neat, but I have a hard time signing up for something new that requires full access to my GitHub account. *EDIT* Thanks for the quick follow up on Twitter! Signed up right away once permissions were lowered. Way to go!
Added to my All Things Github collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
What happened to this? I need it!