A social network for women

GirlCrew is a platform for women to make new friends. Not keen on going to a concert solo? Find a crew with us.

Want to book a vacation but your friends are all coupled up? Find a group of girls to travel with here.

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Congrats on all you've achieved you were quite ahead of the curve in identifying that not all social networks are welcoming to women and we need safe spaces to meet, chat and plan... what are some of your fave stories that have come out of the GirlCrew community and what plans do you have in store for the future? @bhalash @elvacarri @ainemulloy @pamela_newenham
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@bhalash @elvacarri @pamela_newenham @abadesi thank you! We've seen so many. I think my personal fave is when the plans of a member travelling in Japan fell apart so she put a call out in our travel group if anyone was in Japan. Another member (from a totally different city) was there by coincidence so they met to have beers together. We've also seen people get jobs, mind kids, house-sit, and all those little things that make a community. Our focus atm is growing in the USA.
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@bhalash @ainemulloy @pamela_newenham @abadesi girls being rescued by other girls from the crew from bad dates! And the times people have posted last minute because they feel like doing something and seeing people jump on board. Feeling lonely can be so hard it’s those fun, little last minute get togethers that make me feel like humans really are all here for each other. Just sometimes we’re not sure how to show it :) the fact this has made it easier to reach out is still amazing to me.
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Wow! Thanks so much @riaface for hunting GirlCrew. Delighted to be here! Social networks as they are now have a problem, they don’t truly connect people and aren’t truly social. We solve this. From members sharing beers in Japan, becoming bridesmaids for each, building businesses, and even finding estranged parents - we’ve seen it all. We started off as a Tinder hack, then grew to a Facebook community, and have now created our own platform. In 2016, Facebook picked up on our project and flew us to Palo Alto to meet Mark zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. And we’ve also showcased at SXSW. Our platform is all about connecting women - we believe in building a community that is smart, engaged and a little bit badass. From the small moments that make someone’s day, to support through tough times, and even championing human rights our platform is about women empowering women.
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Such a great concept and movement - I especially like the different groups and the way it takes online relationships and friendships offline. A great way to make new friends when travelling or moving to a new city.
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@janet_newenham thanks Janet. Really appreciate the kind words. Definitely a great tool for those travelling or moving
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Love this app its still a baby compared to other versions but the app look/feel/interaction is far superior. I can find events in any of my choose groups easily. Everyone is really friendly and open. Plus they know everything!!! Ask for a recommendation on something & you'll get real world answers not just promoting of products for profit.

I've also made life long friends & travelled to 6 countries with people I've met through girlcrew 😃


Easy to find


Nothing really

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Cheers, Kazza :)
GirlCrew changed my life. I moved over from KL, Malaysia to Dublin, Ireland with zero friends. I knew nobody. I found GirlCrew on Tinder and I made friends pretty much straight off the bat - my social life has been crazy ever since. Not just online friendships, but real, genuine, offline ones. The women I met on GirlCrew are now my support system in Dublin. Through GirlCrew as well I was encouraged and supported through so much - from job hunting to coffee crawling - and it's just been an amazing experience. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for GirlCrew and for the people behind GirlCrew. So proud of what they have achieved and what they will continue to achieve with the app - there really is nothing like it and what they do.
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@ilainabananas this made me come over all emotional.
@ilainabananas ah lady, that's so nice of you. Glad that you've gotten so much out of the community. And thanks for all that you've put into it too :)
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