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Ridiculous GIFs whenever you open a new tab in Chrome

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@rrhoover Did this actually come up in your new tab screen? Or is this just your feeling about this product? Either way: Awesome.
@jsneedles this one was hand-selected. 😉 Pro tip: disable this extension before going into an important pitch meeting.... or don't, depending on the audience.
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@rrhoover I impulsively downloaded and am loving but am also immediately thinking through the potential bad of this extension not knowing what is coming next. Great find though. Gifs should play a bigger role online in my opinion!
@rrhoover I've been using this since it was hunted 7 months ago and I've noticed in the last month or two that all the gifs are now timely - I had Bernie and Hillary this week, for example. Any idea if they've started curating the new tab gifs?
A surprise around every tab. Genius.
Totally want this for Firefox as well.
I love spontaneous surprises in my new tab screen... But I couldn't image replacing the Product Hunt chrome extension... Maybe it it had its own "random gif" option. It could just take up a random spot each time @rrhoover :)
@jsneedles oooh I like this idea
@jsneedles I second that. I'm bummed every time I see a cool ext. because I can't replace the PH one, so... make it all the things!!! lol
This is a concept we've played with too: