GIPHY Sticker Embed

GIPHY powered sticker functionality for sites everywhere.

The GIPHY Sticker Embed powers sticker layering on any site on the web (mobile/desktop). With an easy to implement site-side javascript code, sites can choose integrate sticker content from any of GIPHY’s sticker packs into their site experience. Users can layer and resize stickers on top of native content and toggle the experience on or off.

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Hey Product Hunt, Here at GIPHY we believe in the power of visual commentary, and think the entire internet can be a canvas for collaborative creation. So! - we're submitting one of the new components of our updated Stickers offering - the GIPHY Sticker Embed. This new, open source embed allows anyone with a website to embed the GIPHY sticker experience either on their entire site or just on select pages. This functionality is a simple Javascript code that can be easily embedded, and can take any of GIPHY's sticker packs and/or categories for users to place, size and stick. This is a great tool to compliment the on-site experience by allowing the user to "visually comment" on the site's content via the preselected sticker libraries. We've already seen this increase time on site, user engagement, and social sharing of screenshots from individuals "creations" - and we're super psyched to see how people will use it now that it's public. You can learn more at, or visit and explore our libraries, looking to the left rail for the embed code of whatever library does it for ya. Tom
Giphy's giving me Geocities flashbacks 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
@rrhoover I always thought Marissa would try brining it back..
More GIF innovation from GIPHY! 🤗
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Holy moly it’s so much fun