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I had a dream about this.
Giphy's Chrome Extension has been around a while but few people know about it. It's my secret weapon. Sprinkle a few GIFs in your emails to inspire smiles. :) This is now perfect for Twitter, now that it supports embedded GIFs.
@matthartman @phixx @rrhoover it's sort of like THE secret weapon for email. honestly. the thing is that email can be a slog. and you know folks on the other side can get overhwelmed and bogged down and fatigued from email overload during the day. adding an a propos GIF to kick off your message can strategically and profoundly change the tone of any conversation from something burdensome or onerous–"ugh i *have* to reply to *another* email?"–to something that surprises and delights–"ha! gonna write back and see what he sends me next." basically, you now have a chance to put every on of your recipients in a good mood before they even start reading your email. and there's no better weapon to have in your arsenal than the power to make anyone happy at the drop of a GIF. it's the best.
This is fantastic