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To our friends on Product Hunt - Just over one year ago, we launched Gigster to the world. Today we are launching Gigster v3, the most ambitious update ever. We’re introducing an entirely new interface and far more informative content covering our manifesto, our global Talent network, 20 case studies detailing our clients, and an overview of Gigster Intelligence, the science behind Gigster’s innovative approach to building software. Gigster is a smart software development service, combining top developers and designers with artificial intelligence. Submit a web or mobile project and get a quote in minutes. We hire a US-based team managed by a PM who gives you weekly updates. Gigster is backed by Andreessen & Y Combinator and has completed projects for IBM, Mastercard, Airbus, World Bank, and many more enterprises and startups. What makes us unique? Exceptional developers & designers work in concert with an AI-powered platform to deliver projects faster, cheaper, and more consistently. Expect an incredible experience. With this redesign we set out to make the site more informative while making the brand more approachable and friendly. We wanted to be more transparent with our data, clearer about our difference, and more visually refined. We also refactored the site’s underlying architecture, moving to a component-based system for the new interface. In addition, we created a brand-new style guide to make future updates easy as the Gigster brand evolves. We are excited about the future of Gigster and look forward to delivering an incredible project experience for you. Start a project by next week and get some awesome Gigster swag and a bottle of wine! Please share any feedback or questions. Thanks again!
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@rogerdickey Congrats! The new site looks great.
@rogerdickey Sounds interesting! How do you guys use the AI exactly? It's referenced very vaguely currently.
@rogerdickey Looks great. Are the features marked "Coming soon" going to be accessible to anyone once they have been released? I assume this would be for demo purposes only...
@cfjwilliamson right, for now they will just be demos
Slap the magic acronym (AI) and all of a sudden developer staffing is sexy.
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@wilhempujar Hey Wilhem, we're actually doing some real work with AI. You can learn more here - https://gigster.com/about/intell.... Let me know if I can answer anything.
@rogerdickey the link does not answer this. I suppose it describes in what direction would you be working on, but from what I have understood from the research in this domain and AI IMHO it's a long shot and sounds like a marketing buzzword by saying "we are using AI". Do you have anything concrete yet? Do you have enough data to build something meaningful and usable using AI techniques? Think, if everyone starts saying that we're using AI, what kind of expectations we're setting for the customers, developers, markets. Isn't it misleading? I do not mean to discourage you in any way, just curious. If I am wrong, would love to know your approach as it would totally be something revolutionary in AI field.
How can Gigster guarantee a bug-free, finished product when your developers/managers can leave whenever they please? I'm a freelance developer working with a client who's been building two projects with Gigster for at least 8+ months. Their/our experience has been truly awful. We haven't heard real answers to our questions in over a month, but we do get lovely "So sorry, this is unprofessional. We'll figure out what's going on with your project and get back to you in the next 48 hours!" emails on a weekly basis from different managers with no follow-up. It doesn't seem like Gigster has solved any of the dev service problems that almost all shops have. So beware.
@garrettboatman Wow, very sorry to hear that. Can you share which projects these are (roger@gigster.com)? If it's really 8 months that would mean they started back in December, which is one of our toughest cohorts. We announced our series A that month and got far more business than we were expecting :(
@rogerdickey @garrettboatman @gigster Roger how many disaster projects like this do you have if you can't identify the projects from Garrett's description?
@nucleics_inc @rogerdickey @garrettboatman @gigster ours is almost 5 months delayed. Thankfully we planned and are generating revenue. But we're missing out on lots of upside. Really frustrating when we gave them all the sketch files when we came to them and we've heard countless excuses and promises to finish. Latest promise is web app this week. Spoke with @garrett who said after he posted here, his project was back on track. So, this is our last resort. We'll see if they deliver this week. Will update this post based on outcome. 🤕
Here are my two cents from a client perspective. I reached out to Gigster 2.0 almost a year ago to get a quote and to see if they can help me build my website for car enthusiasts. They didn't get back to me in 10 min, but that's not a big deal, and who cares if it's 10 min or 1 day!? The guys were very professional, and they made me a very decent and competitive offer. They were super easy to work with; they stayed on budget and delivered on time. Gigster is great for any size projects but especially for MVPs and to get you started. All the best. Nik
@nemtrd hi Nik. Can I know How much you spent on Gigster? I'm pretty much in same requirement as yours but only now through this post have discovered this service.
@adnandawood hey man what you see on KarPage.com right now is far from V1 that gigster did. I also had some other features developed from gigster that are not on the website any longer! It's best if you reach out to them with your requirements and I'm sure they will get back you pretty fast.
Have been a big fan of Gigster! What's new in this version?
@owens Posting that soon!