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To our friends on Product Hunt - Nearly a year in the making, we're excited to launch the new & improved Gigster! Gigster is software development on demand. Submit a web or mobile project & get a quote in 5 minutes. We hire a US-based team managed by a PM who gives you weekly updates. Gigster is backed by Y Combinator & Greylock and has done projects for Google, Square, and many venture-backed startups. What makes us unique? Exceptional developers & designers work in concert with an AI-powered platform to deliver projects faster, cheaper, and more consistently. Expect an incredible experience. Start a project by next week for a 10% discount, bottle of wine, and kick-ass Gigster swag. Please share any feedback or questions. Thanks again!
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@rogerdickey Can you work on a project that is already started?
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@rogerdickey Very interesting - but I'm amazed that you're able to quickly scope projects (5 minutes!) and then also have a 'guaranteed' price. How do you balance that?
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@nicolasegosum Hi Nicolas - yes. Let us know where to pick up and we'll start from there.
@mbuckbee We have been training a quoting engine for ~10 months. Sometimes we guess price wrong but it averages out on volume!
@rogerdickey what parameters are you using for your quoting engine? I'd imagine for any AI to work it's got to be actual numbers. The main one I can think of at this point is project hours estimated versus time it actually took.
Awesome company and great group of people. Highly recommend.
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I submitted a project over 2 months ago and never got a response after repeated follow ups. There may be room to improve quality before driving more volume.
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I sent a project to quote one year ago - follow-up was terrible. I hope v2 is different.
@steveraffner Was gigster even around then? I'm pretty sure they launched this year.
@worldhistorical yes, the service is more than one year old
@vladciurca It was a rhetorical question, I know when they launched. The company has been around longer than a year, but the service didn't launch until early 2015. See the original 'hunted' Gigster. :P
@worldhistorical I contacted them (Debo) on December 6th 2014 - had half a dozen emails with them - never got any clear answer/proposal to my brief yet.
Congratulations @rogerdickey this is awesome!