Tha best place 2 turn Gifs into Yogurt! Uhearme

develop by a young homie of mine. favorite pastime on tha road when i get super lifted
@snoopdogg I could loose some time to this.
@MackFlavelle needs twitter sharing though. I already got some gems I want to show.
@snoopdogg this is hilarious. Also agree twitter share would be killer.
lemme see what you make
@snoopdogg cause i don't have instagram this was hard-
@snoopdogg Snoop I made this for you: Song: It's All Good Artist: Berg GIF: The Doggfather jammin' out Disclosure: I'm his manager. Awesome app, definitely going to use it for content creation, specifically on Instagram. Will spread the word!
Once you choose a song (from iTunes) you can't choose another, it always loads the first one no matter how many times, with different gifs and restarting the app I tried. I guess it's some sort of caching problem. BTW great app, here's the first video I managed to create :)
@mightyalex that video is so ridiculous. Makes me want to watch old star trek shows.
@rrhoover yeah, this is actually s06e03 from the big bang theory :)
Good ishh! I like what I'm seeing!