Crowdfunded gift-giving and gift concierge

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This is awesome. Much better than the person strolling around the office with an envelope and everyone needing change for a $20.
@robertwilliger EXACTLY! or the fabled "hey, I'll get you back in drinks at the bar!" #pleasejustpayme
The amount of times we have to pool together to get someone a gift in the office - this would make that process SO much easier. Great find :)
@matthewbarby Oh - just posted this below - but I saw your post. Here's an example of an office gift a group of colleagues did for a manager's going away present. 2 Bottles of Scott for Matt to Send Him Off To His Journey at There was also this office gift for a fancy 9 course dinner too:
Good morning every one! (Literally just woke up to find GiftStarter on Product Hunt this morning - which sent me flying straight out of bed.) :) I think this is one of the craziest ways I've woken up in awhile! (So thank you!) GiftStarter is what I breathe, think about, work on, every day. I am one of the founders, and the CEO. And thanks Nichole + Product Hunt team! GiftStarter is about removing only buying what you can afford as a barrier, why not use crowdfunding for products for yourself, family and friends? Why can't it be used to combine the extra $5-20 we have for the ones we love? And as a company, why not deliver a real card and a real gift? Now, it's possible to buy anything sold online, piece-by-piece (square-by-square off of the grid), whenever you want, and with and for whomever you want! :) Very excited! OHHHH! And a PROMOCODE for you. Try it out. Here's a promocode for Product Hunt friends. It's ---- "ProductHunt8"----. It'll remove our gifting service fee (8%) so you can try the service for free (AND should never expire). Shipping is always included. We will mail a handmade card and ensure the awesome gift is shipped too. Hope you'll try it out - and definitely let me know if there's anything I can do, feedback. @ArryinSeattle on Twitter. You can always email me too at
Interesting. It's one of those things that you wouldn't originally think of, but could actually work pretty well. Thanks for the example, Nikki.
@v4violetta Thanks Violeta! :) Works great for gifting yourself, traditional gifting occasions (baby, wedding), and the all the other ones too (birthday, father's day, housewarming, bachelorette, thank you, etc...).
"GiftStarter is the best way to bring family and friends together to give an amazing gift. You start it - and we help you with the rest. When you use GiftStarter, you don't have to collect the money or chase people down for cash. It only takes a couple minutes to launch a campaign for your gift. Start an amazing gift today! Once it is complete, we handle ensuring the card with everyone's messages and the gift is shipped!"