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I like to think of this as "discounted cash." People still love to give gift cards as gifts. Others (like myself) would love a place to sell them and get cash. Ta-da... Giftcard Zen. Save money at all major retailers. Yes, there are other gift card sites out there... This one is unique. AMAZING customer service (really is a true differentiator), 100% satisfaction guarantee, innovative technology (more on that to come), and did I mention I just saved 7% at Target? Adds up! This is a business built on trust... the GC Zen team is more trustworthy than the Care Bears.
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Just in time for the holidays. There are some good deals here like iTunes at 8.5% off, AMC theater 17% off, and Jamba Juice 20% off. Unfortunately, the Taco Bell gift cards are out of stock. :(
@dragushan what % do you guys take from the seller? How do you verify the GC are authentic or have the indicated balance?
@brianbreslin great question. It depends a lot on the brand, and on demand and supply for that brand. We verify gift cards & balances with the merchants and we guarantee all of our cards for 1 year, the longest guarantee in the industry.
Been a fan of the FastCustomer app for a long time. Been a staple of my phone for a while. Good luck, @dragushan!
@PE_Feeds thanks so much!
Founder here, happy to answer any questions!
@dragushan Your website looks broken on Chrome =>
@AsadDhamani thanks for the heads-up, where are you located?
What makes this unique vis a vis the other gift card swapping sites? Its an intuitive idea, but seems like a crowded space.... Also, how seasonal is this business?
@jakedvp I think the biggest difference is that we care deeply about our customers and it shows. In a sense we’re selling discounted cash - a simple transaction. Who needs customers service? But a business wins or loses based on how it handles questions, problems or concerns. Our phone number is front and center and we recently opened up on Saturdays to handle holiday traffic. The business is definitely seasonal, we’ll do half of our business in the last quarter of the year. Then starting in January the business gets another boost from all the folks who got a gift card from a well-meaning relative, but they don’t shop there so they’ll sell the card to us and buy something they want more. Thanks for the question!