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"We wanted to create something that provided a beautiful and seamless experience from gift selection to final delivery. We also wanted to make it as simple as possible–that’s why we don’t ask you for a delivery address. Our team of engineers built an app – secure, private and easy to use – that takes cares of everything. While we were creating this new exciting platform, we never forgot the old-fashioned, heart-thumping magic that comes from unwrapping a beautiful gift box. Our team of curators sought out great gifts for every occasion and budget by handpicking the best local services, products and experiences." It's kind of like a hipster Thinkgeek + Uber combo.
Great app Ali. Curating gifts and making life a little easier. Saves going to the shops or trawling through Amazon. Any global expansion plans? I'm guessing its for the US / Canada market for the time being.
@paul_s_kemp It'd be pretty cool if the app actually DID allow you to trawl through Amazon. You know, for all the hunter types ;) And I can't speak much about the expansion plans. I think right now it's only limited to North America.

My patience is gone.

As what I believe to be a new company... you guys have been absolutely terrible at addressing my concern, answering my questions or appeasing my growing frustration. I ordered this gift 10 days ago. I like this gift I selected and really want it to get to my recipient, which is the only reason I have not requested a cancellation.

As a service you are advertising as a “gift” delivery with competitors offering same day/1-2 day delivery options, you have to be able to get those “gifts” to the recipients in somewhat of a normal time window. I ordered something very nice and semi expensive 10 days ago that has still not even shipped. So disappointing and frustrated with giftagram. At this point, the “thank you gift” i ordered will appear to be something I forgot to send until weeks later & not nearly as special to the person that went above and beyond for me. I used you guys because you advertise shipment within 3-5 days. I’ve been trying to find out when this will be shipped for 4 days now without someone giving me an actual answer or a phone number to call someone to discuss what is going on. What I have gotten are weak excuses and fluff about the holidays (come on... I ordered on the morning of December 4th) instead of an answer on if my item is actually available and if and when it will ship and arrive to my recipient. Just some advice— Your app and your company will not be successful with this type of service that clearly has issues. As a business owner myself, I’m very unimpressed and will not use this again and will spread the word of my bad experience to warn others. With amazon/Harry&David/ flower companies as your competition who are all a) available to do things quickly, instantly available to answer questions/resolve issues by email, chat or by PHONE

B) are dependable shippers

C) offer quality products just as you do

I don’t see your business lasting. Good luck!


good idea


bad execution