Gift Roulette

An anonymous gift curation service

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I'm curious what I'll get if I order something "terrifying that is red, costs about $200, and stoner" for @snoopdogg.
@rrhoover YES! Try it out! :) Coming soon is a page of recent gift roulettes.
just bought something for a friend. looking forward to receiving it @ryeskelton
@rawrawray please report back! :)
@rrhoover will do! can't give honest feedback until I try it out! Hopefully my friend likes what I got him haha @ryeskelton
@rrhoover so I spoke to my friend that received the gift. He absolutely hated it (it was a blue crayola hat). My terms were something fun, in blue, $20, and choosen by a stoner. Customer service was great, until I responded negatively and requested a refund. GR stopped responding... Guess someone had to be a guinea pig.
@rawrawray thanks for reporting back! I guess that's the risk you take blindly ordering gifts. Others might find it amusing but inevitably people will be disappointed, I think.
@rrhoover @rawrawray hey guys! Just wanted to let you know we refunded your money Raymond. Sorry for the delayed response we were a bit backed up with orders. It's too bad you didn't like your gift. We try to make it fun and all the gifts are meant to be taken light heartedly. Here are a few things we have sent out for reference: Hopefully this gives a flavor! Thanks for trying us out and we hope to get you something awesome in the future.
This is an interesting product. @ryeskelton, can you tell us what you're doing to help communicate with your users that this is a secure service?
I actually like this..
@nikkielizdemere Thanks! We chose to use Stripe to secure our customers transactions. We will be updating the about page to inform our customers and what information we collect in the process. Gift Roulette was an overnight project and we are really excited.