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#2 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2015



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Mo BitarMaker@bitario
I've tried a lot of GIF making apps in my day, but invariably the experience is frustrating and the quality lacking. GIFMaker was built to provide a simple experience around the web's most popular media format. It's is a simple Mac status bar application, meaning it will always be ready for use. Just drag and drop a video or a series of images, and you're done. You can optionally specify quality, time range, and frame rate. I plan to add support for remote URLs, but for now, it's only local files. It's particularly useful for developers or product makers who want to create a demo animation of how their product works. Let me know what you think!
Scott Falbo@front9tech · Founder, 716 Labs, Front9 Technologies
@bitario nice work - I really appreciate the simplicity of status bar applications. No need for an elaborate UI to just get the job done.
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
@front9tech yup, exactly. They're far more convenient and always ready.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I haven't tried this yet but I'm a fan of CloudApp when crafting glorious GIFs. This app seems to provide a bit more functionality and customization of GIFs though.
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
@rrhoover Interesting - it only creates GIFs of your desktop though right, and not any arbitrary input?
Trantor Liu@trantorliu · The founder of CakeResume
@rrhoover Thanks! I will try this one. It looks promising.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@bitario yes, that's correct!
Jon Samuelson@jonsamuelson · Innovation Strategist - Beaverton SD
Just bought and made one. Super easy. Thanks, it is definitely worth 99 cents to have the ability to make quick GIF files.
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
@jonsamuelson thanks for downloading!
Arti Anand@helloarti
Really well done! Just bought and used to convert a 16 second .mov to GIF. Smooth and easy to use.
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
@helloarti awesome, glad to hear it!
Yap Wei Rong@yapwr · Founder, 2 App Studio
I use Gifrocket to convert screencast to gif. It always give me problem for longer video (perhaps more than 4 secs?). I'll be totally sold to this app if it can handle that. Will try one day :)
Mo BitarMaker@bitario
@yapwr ya it can totally handle that :)