The easiest way to create GIFs on your iOS device

#5 Product of the DayMay 30, 2015
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@rpnickson really love the design and functionality of GifLab. Very well done. How long did this project take you to develop out to of curiosity?
@jeshalom Hi Jack, thanks very much for the compliment. It took around 2 months from concept to App Store submission. (A lot more work is to be done though)
@rpnickson really really well done! Good job
Pretty slick app. Love the controls and makes it really easy to set things up. Have you thought about offering a pre-roll/exit feature so that you can make a short vignette? E.g. Screen with still photo and text overlay, then gif video, then final screen with call to action URL?
@grmeyer Thanks Greg. This is actually an idea we are flirting with. However, we have also been working on a Gif messaging app for Facebook messenger - which will have this functionality. We thought that for messenger, this was the way to go, and for our gif creation utility, we'd leave it the way we have it.
Unless a consumer is in tech, they are required to constantly learn new procedures. This app simplifies the process. Nice job.
Hi Product Hunt community, I built GifLab (along with @steakchris) because we wanted a simple tool to create & share GIFs from our phone - in particular with the ability to change the looping mode to reverse, and reverse back & forth. We also thought it would be a great complement to our other apps, which are also in the photo + video space (PicLab, VidLab, etc.) Our main priority right now is stabilization improvements for older devices, as well as straightening out some pesky bugs for users still on iOS7. In our next major feature update we plan on adding: - GIF to video conversion (for posting to Instagram) - Multiple text layers - Apple Watch integration for camera record If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks!
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