Quickly turn YouTube videos into GIFs (chrome extension)

Making a GIF can be intimidating. With GIFit, it isn't so intimidating anymore. Just install GIFit and you can make GIFs out of pieces of any YouTube video. Inherit the power of the GIF gods!

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Hey, I'm the creator of GIFit! I built it as an experiment last year and recently cleaned up the code for public release. If you have an questions or requests, feel free to send them my way!
There are a few other products for converting YouTube videos into GIFs (like gifYouTube and Gifffffr). Having a "GIFit!" button embedded inline within the YouTube video player is useful.
This is awesome, thanks ! Although I must admit that given count of youtube videos our dev team post on irc to punctuate sentences and count of gif we post on our github, you probably just have ruined our productivity ^^
This is really useful!