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Create funny, fast, custom GIFs to make friends laugh! Put your favorite faces into hilarious animated characters: dancing hotdogs, flatulent unicorns, moonwalking astronauts, flying pizzas and more! Make GifGabs of yourself, your family, your friends, your pets, your boo – anyone you want!

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    Andriy BasCo-founder, Team Lead @ UPTech

    really funny


    didn't find

    Love using it!!

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Mike Bracco
Mike BraccoMaker@bracco · Product at JibJab
We launched JibJab Camera ( a few months back. After getting a lot of feedback and listening to our users we have made some changes and relaunched the app, now as GifGab! GifGab makes creating and sharing personalized GIFs easier than ever. With JibJab Camera we focused on the vertical video use case for story platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. For most users, the friction of app switching for story creation was too great. As a result, we adapted the UX to focus on the square GIF format for use in text messaging - where using third-party apps is a more common practice and the integration opportunities (like iMessage Extensions) provide an easy way for users to share.
Jay Gibb
Jay Gibb@circuitfive · CEO & Founder of CloudSponge
I just gave it a whirl and I like it a lot. I’ll get a bunch of mileage out of this one. Nice work.
Jon Chusid
Jon Chusid@chakajon · An 👁 4️⃣ Design
@bracco Hey, that was me over on Twitter. The new app looks great and everything, but apparently you didn’t ask me for feedback when making the changes for GifGab. 😂 I was sad when @gomoji stopped working and then thrilled when I found that the avatars had been merged into the (short-lived) JibJab Camera app. Now, the thrill is gone. Personally, I thought it was one of the more creative things your brand has done. It was different from what others are doing. I’m glad I was able to go thought a bunch of texts today and pull some out. I was laughing all day looking at them again. Thanks for the laughs. 😉
Mike Bracco
Mike BraccoMaker@bracco · Product at JibJab
@chakajon Hey Jon - Thanks for the feedback and I'm sorry to hear your disappointment. As Gregg mentioned on Twitter we are working on ways to re-introduce the avatar format. In GifGab we did remove avatars along with a bunch of other major features as well including the vertical format, video, AR, doodles and user stickers just to name a few. Our goal with GifGab was to take just the top used content formats and features to really focus on building a simple UX around those core features with a clear use case (text messaging). Hopefully, we can add back the avatar format as we evolve GifGab.
Ghost Kitty
Ghost Kitty@ghost-kitty-683858
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David Alexander
David Alexander@david_alexander2
Is this different to the GifGab that I used years ago? An evolution of the project? Was always a cool website for sending Christmas cards :)
Kyle Kesterson
Kyle Kesterson@kylekesterson · Chief Freak, Freak'n Genius
@davidalexander You're confusing GifGab with JibJab :D
David Alexander
David Alexander@david_alexander2
@kylekesterson Aha, you are spot on. My bad! There is also a phone company in the UK (where I am originally from) called Giff Gaff, I somehow mixed all three together in my sleepy head :p I'll check this app out.
Lama Al Rajih
Lama Al Rajih@lamaalrajih
Looks great @bracco and team! Can we download the gifs, or do gifs automatically save to your camera roll? Is this only for portrait mode?
Mike Bracco
Mike BraccoMaker@bracco · Product at JibJab
@lamaalrajih Thanks! In the current version we render a GIF and pass it to the iOS Share Sheet. From there it only saves to your camera roll if you choose to save. In the next version we're adding a custom share UX that will offer the ability to download GIFs and also videos. As for orientation, it is currently only portrait.
Rudy Lee
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
Simply love this! Amazing work :D