JibJab Camera

Make photos and videos even funnier 😂

Animate your world! With JibJab Camera, it’s fun and easy to bring custom animated avatars, phrases, GIFs and Starring You® Stickers to your photos & videos! JibJab Camera is ideal for creating funny “stories” for Snapchat and Instagram, but can be used to create content that is sharable anywhere.

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Hello PH - I’m the product lead of this app. The team is super excited to launch today! As with all JibJab products, our goal is to help people be funnier. With JibJab Camera, we wanted to give users the content and tools to make their vertical videos for story channels like Instagram and Snapchat more fun. While our existing apps are awesome for 1:1 messaging, we saw the explosion of stories as a communication format and wanted to put the JibJab spin on it. We also have an amazing launch partner with the NFL and Thursday Night Football which kicks off tonight!
I put a ton of mileage on JibJab's iMessage app, so I'm excited to try this new addition to their product line. Nice work guys!
congrats Mark and Andreas! (and everyone else too)
Hahahaa nice concept :)