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Hey fellow hunters, Today is a big day for Giffage. Our GIF Keyboard is favored by many GIF-enthusiasts and we feel our brand new version 4 will give everyone some fun new features to play with. We feel we're getting to a point where we are really pushing the envelope with what the keyboard platform is really capable, and we hope you agree. We have three major updates in v4 and they include the following: 1) a new way to create GIFs with a feature called Giffage Labs. Within Labs, you can create GIFs out of plain text, the current weather, and even mash-up two GIFs into one super random GIF. 2) a way to edit GIFs within the keyboard with what we call Layers. Users can double tap any GIF to access layers and from there can add a caption, can add the weather, and even reverse the playback of the GIF, which looks really cool with stunts and can make any GIF look even weirder. 3) a way to share any GIF within the keyboard, including to Facebook and Twitter without leaving the keyboard itself. Please let us know what you think in the comments, or if you're in that kind of mood...just start posting your favorite GIFs.
This is by far the best UI for a keyboard. Smooth and fast. The idea to extend now to customization is totally key. Good work GIFFAGE TEAM!
@kevinjonas we love hearing that! Thank you!
Amazing. Love it. Used it everyday. This will be even better
@icers89 glad to hear it :)
Use this everyday and I love it, in general. But one think I really don't like is how the keyboard is setup. I don't know what it is, but something about the flush keys without lines just hits me as uber confusing. If you think about it, you never experience a keyboard without lines or barriers in between the keys - so when this pops up sometimes it just feels odd. Further, my cursor blinks in two areas - the message field and the GIF search field. So it gets confusing when I'm searching for a GIF as sometimes I'm typing in the Message field - and then the search field is green and looks like a button. The search field should not be green lol. Especially if a more dominant cursor is blinking above it. These tweaks will really make it more user-friendly.
@dannyfiorentini a few people have mentioned the above so we will be making those changes shortly. Glad to hear you use it often and we'll continue to make it the best product that it can be
@dannyfiorentini hey man, lead designer here. if the green text field has a blinking cursor, that's where you're typing. if it doesn't, you're typing into the iMessage text field. Unfortunately we can't keep the iMessage cursor from blinking. And yeah, the search field IS a button in any ways ;) As far as lines between the keys, this is the first time I've heard that complaint. If you look at most touch based keyboards, you'll realize that the key caps are only artificial as the software controls the actual bounds to make you more likely to type the word it thinks you're writing. I hope that helps :) L
@mescalineeyes yea mate, I know how keyboards work - haha. It's still not intuitive. I'm talking about the psychology of a human-being using your keyboard; decades worth of culture embedded into a brain. A tennis ball is green. A banana is yellow. Trust me and make the keyboard normal, and remove the green from the search bar. They are mistakes. πŸ™‚
This is a cool keyboard, I really like the weather integration and being able to caption GIFs on mobile
@nivo0o0 we're glad you like it! Let us know any other feedback you may have as you play around with it.