First all-in-one GIF keyboard: search, create, import, share

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Hi Product Hunt! Today, we're incredibly excited to announce the launch of the long-awaited GIF heaven that is GIFFAGE! We revamped the entire experience throughout and are ready to blast off. Giffage is the first all-in-one GIF app. Complemented by a ridiculously cool and detailed UI, Giffage offers everything that any GIF-lover would want in a single app (even you @rrhoover). Here are some notable features: * KEYBOARD for searching or finding GIFs in categories, trending, and favorites. Or you can use it, simply, to type a message! * Search and Discover tens of millions of GIFs in the app and keyboard. Share them directly with friends or on social media. * Create awesome GIFs, add cool filters and text, and share them with your friends. * Convert Live Photos to GIFs which automatically imports them to the app and keyboard via our Giffage Wallet extension. * Import any GIF you find with the Wallet extension too! * For the hardcore GIF-enthusiasts, we have a widget that displays the top trending GIFs! We’ve got plenty of awesome features coming. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see or feedback in general, feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear you! 🙌👯
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I'm so happy to see Giffage finally launch! We've worked very hard for more than a year to get here, and I think it shows. With a UI unmatched by any other, we're out to dominate the world of GIFs! Let us know if you've got anything suggestions and ideas for making us even better: we're open to everything!
Great job, @jeshalom! I've been waiting for a great gif keyboard and this one does it all. I especially like the Live Photos feature - I take so many and this makes it really easy to share them! What's next for Giffage?
@jackdweck We've got a ton of new features that are going to roll out very soon (enough to keep @rrhoover busy for months :D ). Is there anything in particular you'd like to see in Giffage?
This app is amazing!! Finally a great gif keyboard
@jojo Thanks for the love. Anything specific that you particularly love about Giffage? We always love to hear...
@jeshalom @jojo It's the first gif keyboard that was built to communicate with and the design is just amazing! I'm very excited to see what's next
@jojo Awesome! Glad to hear it! Have you used any other GIF keyboards in the past? If so, how does Giffage stack up against them?
Great team! Awesome product! Congrats @jeshalom !
@cemkozinoglu Thanks so much! Glad you like it.