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Gifdub co-founder here. Thanks for the feature! App is still early -- v 1.1 coming this week -- but already seeing lots of great gifdubs being made.. Examples here: https://vid.me/n/gifdub/top Feedback and suggestions appreciated :)
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Been using it for a couple weeks now and it's absolutely brilliant. https://vid.me/qebA
I played with it to punk some friends and loved it. As the product progresses it will be easier to create & share vids. Not sure how much I'm allowed to tell (sorry alex & warren if I reveal too much) but also alternate voices will 10x this product.
Very fun! I would definitely use more if you add voice effects. I feel a bit self-conscious hearing my own voice unfiltered hah.
@jnugget cool, thanks for the feedback. Gifdub reply here: https://vid.me/GywW
A gif+sound is called (low fi/low fps) video. Been around a while now.
@mikekhristo yep, though this app specifically lets you record audio over GIFs of your choice.