Turn SlideShare presentations into beautifully animated GIFs

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Hi, Creator of @GifDeck here. It is great to be featured on PH. I made this tool mainly to scratch my own itch when I wanted to send a presentation embedded in an email and a thumbnail wasn't enough. SlideShare already does half of the work. I just brought all the slides together and made a GIF out of them. GIF is a great format for attaching in emails / sharing on twitter. For the technically inclined, this is all happening on the client side. Browser magic. HTML5 canvas, blob and web workers are one of the buzz words used. I've tested on all the latest browsers and some of the newer mobiles as well. I would love to see your feedback here. Flood it! ;-)
@jaipandya Nice job! I already successfully used it on Twitter.
Preposterous move with the Bob the Builder "Can we fix this?" "No its fucked" example on home page. Love it.
I wish I could upvote even more. This is awesome.
@fighto super upvotes are coming. $1/each... j/k ;)
@rrhoover here's my credit card!
As a lover of GIFs, this makes me incredibly happy. Well done.