GIFCap by Funny Or Die

Create captioned GIFs based on what you definitely said.

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Good day, Hunters! We built GIFCap to do one simple thing: create captioned GIFs. “Wouldn’t it be cool”, we mused, “if you could create a captioned GIF simply by speaking?” Today, exclusively on Product Hunt, we reveal the answer: Yes and no. Here’s the deal. GIFCap only works with one sentence which must be spoken perfectly. Failure to do so will result in captions that may cast you in a bad light. Success will usually yield the same result. We’ll be around all day to answer questions or share in general tomfoolery.
OMG, this website. Did you build it in Geocities, @bradmahler?
@rrhoover our web designer/developer Sophie (@speakfriendand) has a deep affinity for the "old web". Not only does it look amazing, it's actually built well—fully responsive.
Haha @nivo0o0 will have a lot of fun with this for sure
Ok @bradmahler, the site takes me wayyyyy back haha.
this is just pure awesomeness
@ddomasi this comment is accurate.