Make animated GIFs into paper flip books

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#3 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2014



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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm always interested in @levelsio's projects. Wired wrote a great piece, This Guy Is Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months (I like that they called you "this guy" in the headline, lol). Here are his previous products, hunted on PH: - NomadList - The best cities to live and work remotely - Play My Inbox - Stream the music that's in your inbox - Tubelytics - The real-time analytics dashboard for YouTube - Go Fucking Do It - Set a deadline and a price. If you fail, you pay. P.S. apparently I made a cameo on GifBook's homepage. Ha!
Pieter Levels
Pieter LevelsMaker@levelsio · 🌏 Serial maker 🏝Nomad List + et al
And here's a 50% off at $15 for 3 flip books for all Product Hunters!
Julio Montas
Julio Montas@juliomontas · UI/UX Designer / Front-end Developer
@levelsio Sweet thanks
Pieter Levels
Pieter LevelsMaker@levelsio · 🌏 Serial maker 🏝Nomad List + et al
Yay! So nice to be on here again @rrhoover. Too long ago :) My 12 projects are going pretty well, although I was heavily delayed by Nomad List taking off so much and all the attention it got. Now back to shipping :) @gregoiregilbert, I built this as a fun project and since I haven't seen anyone do it before yet. Here's my write up on why/how I built it, not very complex but still some work: This seems trivial, but if this works and you can extend it into printing Vine's, YouTube videos etc. you can grow it into something. Like what Social Print Studio did with Printstagram.
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
Hey @levelsio Congrats on the new launch! Where does this idea come from?
Pieter Levels
Pieter LevelsMaker@levelsio · 🌏 Serial maker 🏝Nomad List + et al
@gregoiregilbert It came straight from the always great Yahoo! Answers: "Why won't my printer print .gifs properly?" Good question :D
Pieter Walraven
Pieter Walraven@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
Congrats on the launch @levelsio aka "This Guy"! I'm always a fan of mixing up online & offline, this is a great example. How about a Reddit integration, would love to be able to 1-click-buy cool reaction gifs with my Reddit gold ;)