GIF QUOTES for Messenger

Express yourself with animated quotes on Facebook Messenger.

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GIF QUOTES is a simple app that allows you to express yourself with fun and inspiring animated quotes on Facebook Messenger. We pick up the best quotes we find in popular books and animate them in GIF format, so that you can share them in conversations on Facebook Messenger. With this app you have the option of sending quotes reflecting simple, direct messages such as “I love you”, "I hate you" or “Thank you,” or you may choose quotes based on what you are feeling at the moment from a wide selection of emotion categories such as happy, frustrated, grateful, etc... Quick story : we had the idea of this watching Mark Zuckerberg and David Marcus on stage at Facebook's F8 conference. Our start up GLOSE ( is a social reading platform and part of our mission is to spread the written word and allow people to connect and interact through books. Providing an easy way to bring book content to Messenger and feed conversations with inspiring quotes was a natural thing to do for us. Quick week-end in-house hackathon and GIF QUOTES is what we came up with as a side-project. We had so much fun doing this and just as much fun using it to feed our team chats on Messenger. We hope you'll enjoy it and please feel free to share feedback - we'll be updating the content frequently. For now we are Android only but iOS is coming very soon. Gif on people!
This is fun and thanks for doing it on Android first! I'm a big Messenger user for personal stuff so this appeals to me. Do you limit yourselves to book quotes only?
@clem_guillon Thanks for the comment. Yes Android first as iOS is in review right now - glad that suits you. We actually picked a few quotes from famous people, who are not in books. We'll probably diversify a bit but Glose's mission is to serve book readers and authors first, and spread the written word. There is so much good and diverse content in books that I bet we can provide you with lots of great content from that media form only. We'll see!
Now that was fast...