Gif Jam

Make GIFs with friends

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Ramin Afshar
Ramin AfsharMaker@rrrramin
Hello everyone. I'm the creator of Gif Jam. I made this app as an experiment in collaborative gif-making. - Login with your Facebook account. - Connect with a friend or with a random player - Make a 10-frame gif and send it to your friend - Your friend creates a 10-frame gif and sends it back to you - Both separate gifs are then exported as a diptych gif. I worked on it for the past 2 years as a side project. The app has gone through a lot of changes in that time. At first I planned on using Apple's own Game Center as a way to connect people with each other. It worked really well because I didn't have to write any matchmaking backend or do any account creation. Unfortunately Apple didn't like me using Game Center for a non game app. They refused to approve the app. I spent weeks, months even, trying to appeal and re-appeal, to no avail. I got fed up and gave up working on it for about 6 months. I then discovered Parse and I decided to rewrite the backend of the app with the Parse API. I'm quite happy with how Parse handles things. I could spend at least another year working on the app. But after all this time I think it's best to just put it out there and see how people respond. I hope some people will have fun with it.