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Hi! Wouter co-founder of Gibbon here. Yes, Gibbon has been on PH before. But today we launched a brand new version of Gibbon. Through our old platform (where everyone could create lists with content to learn from each other) we discovered a bigger problem that we could solve with Gibbon: Sharing and documenting knowledge for companies. Creating a easy to use peer-to-peer solution to support learning and development in teams and companies. We'd love to hear your feedback on the new platform and I'm happy to answer any question about our development and the pivot to the B2B solution. Aaaaand for you awesome Product Hunters we offer an exclusive deal, get an extra free month of Gibbon’s Brilliant plan!
@wdeb I really loved the Gibbon 1.0! Why did you make a pivot?
@wdeb nooooo. I really liked Gibbon v1
I simply love using your site! I've learned a ton because of the curated articles and specific categories. I like what you did here by bringing the functionality to teams/companies. Keep up with the great work! 👌
What is about data protection? Is this an issue for you?
@hoomnizer we try to be as careful as we can with the data our customers give us. To give an example, all uploads are encrypted on S3 and not publicly available. To be a bit technical, of course we also use sane configurations for all of our services, running on a private network and within jails (FreeBSD). If you have a specific question, let me know here or shoot me an email at
@gibbon @wunki Thanks Petar for your great response. I am sure that Gibbon 2.0 is a great tool for many issues
Have been using the v 1.0 for long time. I'm sure this pivot will be as awesome as previous version. BTW, big fan of your minimal and clean UI. <3
Great new design. Keep rockin'! Will there be a protected part (wiki) for company documentation? Or is it external content distributed inside your company?
@jonsjanssens hey Jons, first, congrats on the launch of Soverin! Waiting for my yearly subscription of Fastmail to end and then you will have another customer :-) Relating to your question, yes, if you create private playlists, in which you can also upload documents. Soon (+/- 4 weeks) you will also be able to write your own content directly into Gibbon. We will also make sure that more and more types of content can be put into Gibbon. And of course, with private playlists, your company would be the only one with access to the content.
@wunki Thanks! Good to hear.