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#3 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2013
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Me too. I've had a few conversations with others about creating expert-curated education. @rklusas and @mishachellam will dig this.
This is a really fantastic idea! I'd love to see even more curation around which playlists are better than others through some rating and review system. Maybe even a Q&A section for students. Really, really love this idea. Did I mention that already? ;)
Hi, I'm the designer and a co-founder of Gibbon. It is a very exciting day for us because after 4 months of being in private beta, we've finally launched our peer-to-peer learning platform. If I can answer any questions, let me know :-)
@nbashaw @rrhoover I've been a beta user and it honestly is fantastic. It's visually appealing and extremely fun experience as both a user and lesson curator. They did a great job. Not to mention the team is a group of wonderful people.
Welcome to Product Hunt, @wdeb and @woutlaban! Thanks for coming on and answering a few questions. I'll start. It seems like you're mostly focused on web development and design topics for now - how do you decide what to teach?