Ghost Codes by FilterPop

Bitmoji stickers that get you Snapchat followers

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Ghost Codes are a fun way to get Snapchat followers. Stick them to signs, laptops, phones, or wherever and see who starts to follow you πŸ‘€

Marc Brown
Stephen Hays
Taylor Nieman
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    It was super easy to order Ghost Codes via FilterPop. Customizable with different background colors, too.


    None that I can think of right now.

    I purchased thirty Ghost Codes via FilterPop for my sister because she is always looking for ways to increase her following on Snapchat. She absolutely loved them and had never seen anything like this before. I have been using FilterPop for almost a year now.

    Taylor Nieman has used this product for one year.
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Laz Alberto
Laz Alberto@lazalberto Β· @ScienceInc
Part of what makes Snapchat interesting is how it brings together the physical and digital worlds. This product does the same thing. I wonder how long it will take before we see these all over electric scooters πŸ˜„
Alex Kehr
Alex KehrMakerPro@alexkehr Β· Founder and CEO @ Pop
@lazalberto 100% putting these on every Bird I ride πŸ˜‚
Alex Kehr
Alex KehrMakerPro@alexkehr Β· Founder and CEO @ Pop
Hi PH, FilterPop came to life after I submitted the original website/product, GeofilterPlace to Product Hunt. That post got featured, Peter Pham reached out to me, and that ultimately led to me joining @ScienceInc. Product Hunt played a major part in turning my side project into a company with an awesome team, two successful apps, and (a lot) of revenue. Since submitting GeofilterPlace to PH, we've made well over $1MM in our first year with FilterPop and now have a rapidly growing team on track to blow our first year revenue out of the water. We've been A/B testing the Ghost Code feature over the last 5 days and we've already seen orders around the world. People in Norway, France, Kuwait, and even Afghanistan have all already ordered Ghost Code stickers. πŸ‘» - Alex
Sam McAllister
Sam McAllister@sammcallister Β· Creator | Instagram
Looking forward to a possible Instagram version of this when they release their version of Snapcodes!