​ Ghost Browser 2.0

​ The productivity browser that helps you get stuff done. 👻

Ghost Browser 2.0 is a task based productivity browser that helps you get stuff done.

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​Web browsers... you can't live with 'em... you can't live without em... If you're anything like me you tried the new Firefox Quantum last month (and eventually switched back after realizing it can't handle the 200 tabs you always keep open), you were on Opera Neon faster than you bred your first "CryptoKitty" after seeing that launch video (we love you Opera) and when Brave launched a cryptocurrency called BAT, well... you just had to call your parents to let them know. Anyhow - it's likely you've also heard of Ghost Browser (based on Chromium - so you can use all your favorite Chrome plugins), which I stumbled upon about a year ago. I've been playing around with an early access version of their new 2.0 browser and really like what they've done with the place. Their new "task based browsing" organizes your browsing around tasks. In each task you can start one or multiple sessions (with their own cookies) that each have their own tabs (or tab collections) that you can then check off as you go along. (GIve it a try and it will immediately make sense). Not only is this great for things like social media management or SEO - I've seen some really creative use cases for web devs (i.e. logging into multiple account levels) as well as customer service (log in to different accounts at the same time to troubleshoot) and even sales (you can actually build "Profiles" for different clients) - so any productivity nut like myself is likely to come up with a use case or two. While they're a small team - I know both @larrykokoszka and @catkokoszka (the co-founders) answered a ton of Qs on the 1.0 launch last year and have been actively updating the product ever since so I'm sure they'll be around at some point this time around.
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Thanks so much for the awesome review @sharifkhalladi! We're thrilled to hear that you're liking the 2.0 version of the browser and finding all kinds of useful ways to organize your work 🙌🏼 With Ghost Browser 2.0 we wanted to build a browser that helped people be more productive with a built-in, task-based browsing style. If you're anything like me you're easily distracted and need a better way to organize your work than most other modern browsers provide. We have an incredibly talented team of developers and designers at Ghost Browser and we're very proud of to share the rebooted browser with you! @larrykokoszka and I are excited to answer any questions and can't wait to know what you all think of Ghost Browser 2.0!
@larrykokoszka @catkokoszka @sharifkhalladi Firefox Quantum is one of the best upgrades it has ever received. Managing 200 tabs can be messy on Firefox even now, but this trick helps a bit - https://twitter.com/arunsathiya/...
@arunsathiya Quantum shaves fractions of seconds off of page load speeds, which is awesome. We're pretty proud of the fact that we shave hours off your work week. :)
@larrykokoszka @catkokoszka @sharifkhalladi “based on Chromium - so you can use all your favorite Chrome plugins” YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
No Linux version?
A *browser* without a Linux version? Shame, was interested in giving this a spin. Being targeted at developers and "power users" and such, it's a little surprising.
@cacarr my thoughts exactly ! I have a mac at work but I use ubuntu on it because I have multiple ubuntu servers (it's better to have the same environment in local). This browser would be perfect for me since I'm constantly switching sessions and tabs... too bad :( .
@cacarr @tazibadr Thanks for your interest and my apologies that we don't have a Linux version for you to play with yet! I'll be sure to include your feedback in team discussions.
@tazibadr @catkokoszka I do quite a bit of WordPress development, and it seems like this would be especially useful. Should I check back in, what, 6 months? A year?
@tazibadr @catkokoszka "I'll be sure to include your feedback in team discussions" Does this mean that you're not yet entirely committed to developing a Linux version? You were in the past. If a Linux version is still planned, this is apparently taking much longer than you thought it would at one point. Curious as to what the holdup is.
@cacarr - It's easy to complain.
Yes..... I've definitely looked for something like this before! Looking forward to giving it a try!
@afhill Awesome! We can't wait to hear what you think!
Loved it! Can't wait to try this out on Linux since my main development machine runs Linux.
@karan_rajpal So glad to hear it! Linux has been a big request, sorry it's not available quite yet but I've made a note of your request.
@karan_rajpal @catkokoszka While the overall number might not be a high, I strongly suspect that a *far* higher percentage of Linux users would try it out compared to Windows users -- being generally more inclined than your average Windows user to experiment and tinker and whatnot. Also, a higher percentage of Linux users are developers, and Linux users are likely to provide more and better feedback and bug reports than Windows folks.