GG Life

Coronavirus crisis management, coping and wellness boost.

#1 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2020
Feeling the burden of 😬uncertainty? 😨stressed? 😰worried about your health or the future?
GG Life is a personalized tool for you to cope with crisis and enjoy mental resilience 😎
Created by clinical psychology researcher Dr. Guy Doron.
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GG Life is a real digital wellness product because it's research based, most companies do not bother to validate if their product actually help people, the GG team publish academic papers about the impact their product has on people's wellbeing. Highly recommended
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Hey there, Gur here. We're excited to launch a product we've been working on for some time. My friend Dr. Guy Doron and I created over the last 2 years a mental wellness tool that helps people overcome their mental challenges. We had a launch scheduled for this week, then some things happened in the world... Apparently, the mental challenges we are facing are somewhat different to how they were a few weeks ago, so Guy created a whole new experience for people just like us - worried, anxious, uncertain and stressed in the current situation. The idea behind GG Life - - It's a personal tool for maintaining mental wellness and managing the crisis. - It's research backed, with 4 academic studies showing successful results, in 5 different countries. - It's personalized for your specific challenges - It only takes about 3 minutes a day to train and improve Dr. Guy Doron will also be here replying to your comments and questions. Please try it out and let us know how you go. The GG Team
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@devtherapy awesome app especially as I keep seeing across social media plenty of people worried and completely at a loss as to what they can do. In most cases distractions and goals setting are always welcome. Great share now that people are getting a little stir crazy living inside!
A quick question - what are you mostly worried about currently?
My financial situation
My health
Changes in the world after the virus
I won't be able to cope mentally
Isolation and loneliness
Other (tell us in the comments)
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@devtherapy My family's health
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Looks like a handy thing these days!
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Timing is everything! An app that helps taking care of our well-being in times of a global crisis - is a MUST have!
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