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Thanks everyone for the interest! We're definitely excited to share Gfycat Loops to the world! Back in 2013, we wanted to upgrade the GIF viewing experience to the 21st century. A few months ago, when we saw the iMessage platform announcement, we were giddy that we could deliver that same HD experience on messaging. No more 256 colors limitation; after all, computers can display much more than that. No more endless waiting for GIFs to downloads. The days of slow Internet are over :) You can now send beautiful GIFs directly through iMessage, with 16 million colors. You'll find the largest collection of user-generated GIFs, 25 million and counting. If you think emojis are cool, you'll love all the GIFs we have in Gfycat Loops. It will make your texting such much more passionate , vibrant and exciting. Tell us what you think, what more you'd like to see of and how to improve even further your iMessage experience.
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Beautiful product for beautiful Gifs. Excited to use this. Enhances the iMessage experience. Keep up the hard work guys!
@diana_moldavsky thanks a million. We love what our creators have made on the Gfycat platform and now all of it is accessible on iMessage!
I'm a bit biased but this is a great little app for imessage to reply with a well timed Gfycat gif!
The future belongs to stronger emotional connections in the messaging stream. Great app, will spread the word.
@renaissance17 thanks Arsene. Visual communication delivers such a wide range of emotions.
Awesome API and content that I can't live without! Congrats to the team on a delightful product!
@b_kimberly_adolfo What a fun way to start the week
A great way to say it with a GIF !