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The site does a poor job of describing how to share your wifi password. After registering and confirming my email address (in most cases, I would have bailed at that point), I'm taken to a page to enter my wifi network(s) name and password. I then set a URL to give to my friends (e.g. http://getwifi.io/wifi-by-ryan). 2 cents: this first time user experience and conversion funnel (likely) would be much improved if they asked me this information up-front before registering and better communicated how it actually works. Also take a look at Instabridge which shares your wifi network with your Facebook friends.
@rrhoover I agree. There should be at least an FAQ and indication of compatible OS.
Believe it or not Windows Phone has a great feature like this that automatically shares access to your networks with your contacts and Facebook friends (if they have a Windows Phone). It even logs into free networks for you without typing, the spam emails as a result are quite annoying though.
@yourkarma is a cool startup also allowing for shared wifi
Thanks all for your comments. I agree with what you mentioned (@rrhoover & @jonathant). A major overhaul is planned. Ben (@getWifiHQ)
Also one thing that I had trouble with: "WiFi Name" is not clear whether this is the SSID or the name I want to associate with this particular WiFi setting. I assumed the latter at first glance, but the CamelCase example ("MomAndDadsWiFi") indicated it might be the SSID.