Rent out your home, shop, treehouse or shed to film crews 📽

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Like Airbnb for TV and film producers.
@rrhoover thanks! Hoping this takes off and allows film makers of every level the chance to find amazing locations
Location scouting is really fun, but this is better because who goes out in the real world anymore unless they absolutely have to?
@robynchaaang thanks Robyn we still aim to keep it fun just easier and to give filmmakers a wider variety of location! Expect 360 videos of our listings soon too
@jonny_wright It's a great idea.
@jonny_wright Case and point: I let my friend use my creepy laundry room:
@robynchaaang you really need to put that room up on the site its amazing!!
Hi guys, Jonny Wright founder of GETset here. Thanks for the upvotes so far. GETset is a brand new site but we aim to become the Airbnb of film locations. The idea came to me when I needed a location for a short film I am making and the right place just couldn't be found. Traditional location services were far too expensive and also generally speaking just had locations that were 'too shiny and new'. I knew the location I needed was out there and I also knew other filmmakers would be having the same problem. So I set about fixing the problem! So far I have had good feedback from TV production companies - particularly Production Managers who are the first port of call when it comes to location sourcing (they control the budget!). The site also has some great locations on there already. But for the site to become the "Airbnb of locations" we need the whole world to get on board. So if you have a house, flat, shop, boat, shed, workshop or even vintage vehicle then sign up (for FREE) and add your listing (it's all completely free!!).
explainer video comign soon guys!