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Rob Race — Founder of @standup_time & @GetRoadmaps
Wow. Surprise hunted founder here! Thanks @erictwillis! Was not expecting this today and am home sick. I do suppose it lets me try and answer questions quicker. :)
Eric Willis — Working on something new
Quickly create roadmaps for your startup. From the domain name to the markup on the page, you can customize almost every aspect of your roadmap. Changing logos, headers, colors and more, you can have a roadmap that matches the design of your application or website.
Ingo Radatz — independent / Berlin, Germany
@erictwillis Is layout customization and integration the value proposition? Everything else is done via the tools we already use (Trello, GH ...), right?
Rob Race — Founder of @standup_time & @GetRoadmaps
@llabball Correct! You can import and manage from those tools, or manage directly from the editor in GetRoadmaps for a full rich text experience. Layout customization, much like, and feedback is the main value prop.
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