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Wow. Surprise hunted founder here! Thanks @erictwillis! Was not expecting this today and am home sick. I do suppose it lets me try and answer questions quicker. :)
Quickly create roadmaps for your startup. From the domain name to the markup on the page, you can customize almost every aspect of your roadmap. Changing logos, headers, colors and more, you can have a roadmap that matches the design of your application or website.
@erictwillis Is layout customization and integration the value proposition? Everything else is done via the tools we already use (Trello, GH ...), right?
@llabball Correct! You can import and manage from those tools, or manage directly from the editor in GetRoadmaps for a full rich text experience. Layout customization, much like, and feedback is the main value prop.
It seems similar to ProductMap ( but with a fair amount more customization. I used ProductMap for it's ease of use and quickness - GetRoadMaps looks like it offers more customization and features, but is it worth the $$?
@kevinguebert Hi! Similar, but offers more customization, and allows you to collect feedback as far as I can tell. Also seems as though product map hasn't seen an update in quite a while, I am improving GetRoadmaps all the time :)
@rob__race Feedback is probably the keep differentiator, also a very big one. I think that could definitely make or break some products. If you're going down a path and all your users are against it, time to change that path! I'll have to dig deeper into it - glad you're keeping it updated :)
@rob__race Hope you're feeling better today! Can you elaborate on the "feedback" options? Structured/unstructured; private/public submissions; threaded discussion? Is feedback available on both the public & internal maps? Can you capture userID? (Customer/Prospect feedback needs to be handled differently.)
@kkdub I am, it is/was just a winter cold, thanks for asking! Anyway, yes, right now you can leave feedback on individual items, or on the roadmap in general. This is private feedback sent to the admin user(s) for the account. Once in there, it becomes a threaded discussion via GetRoadmap Inbox/email. It works on both public and private roadmaps. On internal roadmaps, it does capture GetRoadmap internal user IDs, though I believe that is *not* what you are asking. It does not have a system to capture any external information at the moment. Though, I am thinking, when the widget becomes a standalone JS snippet, there will be an area for developers to extend the feedback with user data.
@rob__race Right on. Compiling weighted user, team, and prospect feedback on mapped features is a time-consuming effort that many product managers end up doing manually. (Or we'll build a workaround in a tool that lacks this functionality.) Each of those segments will probably be shown a different version of the map, and the feedback we want to get from them differs. By structured feedback, I mean providing a way to use multiple choice or rank order questions. This makes projects like monthly map reviews go much faster. <--- Wishlist!!!
Looks great -- very useful tool but that price tag is a little intimidating.
@punkscience yeah, I have been working through some pricing inquiries...what does a fair price seem to you?