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errrr this is illegal as shit and has no place on Product Hunt. Typefaces take hundreds or thousands of hours to create, please don't pirate them.
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@jongold Was just about to post this as I saw in the screenshot they use Proxima Nova as an example which is definitely not a free font.
This is cool, but what I really want for fonts is a good way to search for specific glyphs, especially in Icon Fonts. Search for something like "Save Icon" and be able to pull it up in the icon fonts we use. Haven't seen that anywhere.
@jfilcik that's offered by MyFonts.com. It's called WhatTheFont.
@chrismessina good to know 😄. many thanks.
@jfilcik Here's another fantastic tool for that: http://glyphsearch.com/
Would like to see some font suggestions here... I added comic sans for Thursday LOLs before people start shouting at me... 😜
This is really cool! I've been searching for AtlasTypewriter for a long while and eventually I got it today.