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    I haven't found anything since I wasn't able to try the product.


    Super misleading front page, what is the point of collecting user's email if only thing what the user gets back is another sales pitch.

    Super misleading. Also not sure what the user will get for a monthly fee. Is the list getting updated on a monthly basis?

    EDIT: I just reread this and it seems rude. That's not my intention, however when you charge people money and take something from them - anything, even their email - it is expected that they get some value in return, even if that's not very significant.

    Another sales pitch just feels like a steal, not only of their data (email), but of their time.

    Dan Crisan has never used this product.
  • Lasse RafnDeveloper and creator

    Did a good job on data collection


    Spamming and misleading

    The person behind basically spammed a lot of users on Twitter to have them upvote here on Producthunt. Also it seems very misleading putting in your email just to get a sales pitch.

    + A subscription model for a potentially-never-updated product? Nope.

    Generally I'm against just collecting emails, and to make matters worse.. it could easily be considered illegal to message all ~3.000 people in Denmark (also where maker is from) Depends how its done and if total consent is given from all. Anyhow, I wouldn't risk it myself.

    Good job on the data collection, but anything else I basically dislike. Good luck though.

    Lasse Rafn has never used this product.


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Daniel Greenberg@15greenberg
Your intro section seems like a ploy just to get emails. It says just signup with email OR buy now. I shared my email with you assuming it would share some of the list, but rather it is just another sales pitch saying to buy now, and now you have my email. Very misleading copy.
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx · Maker, Dvlpr Stash
@15greenberg This pissed me off. Very misleading.
Vaclav Bedrich@vaclav_bedrich · Founder @ & Bold92
As a media owner, I hate this kind of stuff as most of those emails are put in without a consent, as well as from 99.9% they don't lead to any coverage. Every writer that gave a regular consent or published an email address directly requires a specific type of content, a form of email (i.e. specific subject) or is automatically filtering emails based on some keywords. The more tools like this exist the more BS comes to the media editors and the chance of scoring a nice coverage are getting lower and lower because of those further restrictions from their side (due to volume). Do you even know how many emails do they receive a day just because of such junk services? I am not saying the execution is wrong, you did all right, I just don't agree with such stuff in general. Your second product is more promising I guess if it works like it says that it works.
Eric Ebert@em_ebert · Communications Manager @ Zenkit
This seems quite expensive for a list of journos and some growth hacks. You should also add some proof cases to your site. Who has it worked for? What can a subscriber expect? Did any journalists ever respond? Sorry if it sounds harsh. I've seen quite a few of these lists pop up on PH with limited success for the actual user and Journalists generally hate them.
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
@em_ebert @jamesstewart Also, keeping 3,000 emails updated is a lot harder than 100. For maximum effectiveness, especially if I'm reaching out to people directly, I'd rather have a smaller, more accurate list.
Simon Benfeldt JørgensenMaker@simonbenfeldt · Founder of
Hello Product Hunters, I am the founder and maker of The vision is to provide a toolbox to get press for any Tech StartUp out there. The Growth Hacks and resources are for entrepreneurs, founders, growth managers, or anyone else who is trying to grow a startup. If acquiring new customers (and retaining existing ones) it is important to your business to get noticed in the press. If customers matter to you, then growth hacking and PR should matter to you. The full package includes: ✅ 3000+ TECH JOURNALISTS EMAILS ✅ 200+ LAUNCH PRODUCT AND SUBMIT PRODUCT SITES ✅ GROWTH HACKING TOOLS ✅ READY TO IMPLEMENT GROWTH HACKS ✅ FACEBOOK GROUPS TO POST PRODUCT ✅ MOBILE APP REVIEW SITES ✅ GUEST POSTS SITES Let me know if you have any question or any feedback. 👀 Keep calm and ship products. For suggestions, edits or feedback:
Abadesi@abadesi · 🙋🏽‍♀️ Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@gettechpress @simonbenfeldt I think a video demo on the website showing potential customers how it actually works and how to navigate would increase your sales conversion... at the moment the screenshots don't really show it as more than a spreadsheet / contacts list. At $29/mo I'd want to know what features I'm getting and who I get access to e.g Mobile App Editor at Techcrunch.
Simon Benfeldt JørgensenMaker@simonbenfeldt · Founder of
@gettechpress @vladkorobov Sent you an email :)
Simon Benfeldt JørgensenMaker@simonbenfeldt · Founder of
@gettechpress @vladkorobov That is fixed :)