Get Qurious Explorer Box is a set of AR games and activities to introduce technology and educational content to kids at an early age (4-8 yrs). Our mission is to invoke curiosity and deeper learning experiences in kids.

Children can create stories, assemble puzzles, role play, and treasure hunt and have tons of fun.

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First of all, thanks @Bramk for hunting Get Qurious! We are psyched to be here. We started Get Qurious with the vision to create fun toys that will not only spark kids creativity but also encourage them to discover more by incorporating both physical and digital play into their activities. We are launching the Explorer Box with the hope that it can help create the next set of Engineers, Scientists, Artists & Explorers. Here, Manu and his friends, Leo and Emma, are waiting to unveil along with children all the secrets of space and find the hidden treasure, while build-a-spaceship with colorful cards, then maneuver their digital version around asteroids in space or find and collect hidden fantasy artifacts in alluring 360-degree game worlds. Our team will be available here to answer all your questions! We are really looking forward to your feedback! Note: We have a special discount especially for you - Please use promo code: HUNT50
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@bramk @get_qurious so excited to see you on Product Hunt! 🙌
@bramk @savvaszortikis Thank you so much for your support. We are super excited too.

My kids are ecstatic with this explorer box. They were using the previous versions for a long time.


Nice and not boring

A large set of options

Keep updating all the time with new features due to the "hybrid" approach


I need to have an apple device (luckily I do but others may not)

Wow! My kids will love it :-)
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Excellent way to upset kids quriosity!!! My little nephew went bananas with that toy!


Excites kids' curiosity and creativity.


Not really.

My nephew spends quite a few hours with iPad every day and I think I just found a perfect gift for Christmas! Great job guys :)