Bootstrapped guide to PR, branding, marketing & growth 👀

The busy, underfunded founder's strategy to building an effective brand and getting attention

A disciplined, data-backed step-by-step blueprint to branding & executing. Create something memorable & get more eyeballs on your company without losing focus on the core of your business

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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Kelly, a communications strategist in Washington DC. I wrote this book to help startup founders (+ beyond) build & grow a memorable, attention-grabbing brand quickly & on the cheap. 👊 After speaking to tons of folks in the startup community, I realized there was a lot of confusion of what “communications” really is, exhaustion with the seemingly endless (and usually ineffective) resources available, and a general mistrust when conversations shifted from development to “growth hacking” or “thought leadership.” 👊I straddle the line of tech and communications (Banner Public Affairs + , Women Who Code DC + Tech, Rebalanced Hackathon & Training Day) so I set out to build a resource that took out all the garbage without sacrificing the essentials. I knew I had to streamline the entire process to build a digestible, time saving guide (each section tells you exactly how long it will take). 👀Get Attention: Brand Building for Startups is jam-packed with 50+ pages of insights and activities to nail the fundamentals and build a brand that is primed to get attention. Step-by-step guidance to use data and proven methods to leverage the most effective tactics for growing companies. Part 1 holds your hand through the process of meticulously creating a memorable brand. Learn how to convey your unique value proposition with words, personality, and style. Part 2 gives you a tour of the four most effective tactics at your disposal and how to build a custom strategy based on your goals, strengths, and time available. I’ve been in the trenches with brands while they rapidly expand, worked through large corporate rebrands & have been thrown into ongoing projects for established that had missed some of the branding fundamentals. In this ebook I boil down exactly what you need to know and throw out the rest. 👊I wrote this in 30 days as part of the Women Make challenge for October. Even though the entire process - from inception to finished product - took place in a month, I’m proud that the quality holds up and has already been helping founders find a voice and reach new audiences. This book wouldn’t be possible without the support of the makers like @venikunche, @marie_dm_ & @anilthemoon & the entire Women Make community. Get Attention now! P.S. Use “producthunt” for a discount on the book TODAY!
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@venikunche @anilthemoon @kellyfmill Congrats Kelly!! 🙌 You did a fantastic job in 30 days! You’re also the first person I watch streaming their writing process on Twitch and that was pretty cool ✍️🎥 I’m so glad to count you in the Women Make members 💚
@venikunche @marie_dm_ @anilthemoon @kellyfmill Woohoo! Massive congrats on the launch, Kelly! Incredible that you wrote this book in only 30 days. The community is so lucky for you to be sharing your knowledge! 🙏✨
@marie_dm_ live streaming writing seems like ages ago! So glad i tried that out & definitely want to continue. Thank you for the kind words & for making #WomenMake my favorite community ever! I’m so lucky I found you!!
@anthilemoon thank you!! Not only for the thoughtful review & kind words, but all the advice and guidance along the way. Such a treat to create alongside you & get to know you in the process 💓
@venikunche @marie_dm_ @anilthemoon @kellyfmill Kelly, congratulations on the launch! 💪 This seems perfect for any entrepreneur.
Writing a book is a crazy amount of work. Props, @kellyfmill. Did you have a process or habit for writing the book?
@rrhoover Great question! I covered some lessons learned in this Medium post: But honestly the best thing that kept me motivated and on track was public accountability. First & foremost the Women Make community ( that spearheaded a 30 day challenge. Further, I tweeted nearly every day with an update on my progress. Every time I felt afraid I wasn't going to finish, I told someone new about it to increase pressure on myself to finish the dang thing in time :)
Hi @kellyfmill Kelly! Great effort 🙂 It would be interesting to know what do your recommendation is with regards to the logo and graphics when building your startup.
@mozgovoy_anton Hi Anton! I have a chapter all about bootstrapping the look & feel including some bits on color theory, choosing fonts and imagery, etc. But as I say in the book, the one thing I highly recommend setting aside some budget for is a logo. Working with a designer to really nail a logo is one of the best investments you can make when building a recognizable, memorable brand. I have seen too many startups have to rebrand early-on since they find the original logo just doesn't cut it. There's that famous Bill Gates quote... "“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations." I say spend that last dollar on a thoughtful, professional logo.
@kellyfmill Thanks! I believe that it totally connects with the vision.

An easy read that did a great job of touching on everything a growing startup needs.


Great overview of everything you need to know to brand your product and get attention.


No cons here!

Hi Kelly, I am in the process of launching a Kickstarter, slated for Q1, 2019. I have a pitch made, and I am ready to start. Is your book recommended for generating emails in advance of a kickstarter campaign? I have a landing page set up and everything. Also, would you recommend your "Media Boost" package for someone like me? Thanks
@nicholas_r Hi Nicholas! While I don't personally have specific experience with Kickstarter, the branding basics and methods of outreach are created for the founder of any growing company regardless of the way they launch. Much of my book is about growing an involved and invested following from a storytelling-heavy blueprint. One of the tactics I focus on is self-publishing; a great way to provide content (and if you choose, in exchange for someone's email). That said, this book isn't nearly as focused on specific email-list-building campaign that you might find on a place like Hubspot (fantastic free resources, by the way - if you haven't checked out already). The media boost option could help shape a pitch that coincides with your launch. That being said, I never focus on pitching reporters with something like "we launched on Kickstarter!" Instead, founders have much more luck telling a newsy, timely story (sometimes tied to a larger "hook" or industry trend). Media boost would absolutely help if you'd like to pitch in that way! Again, it could be timed to align with your Kickstarter launch :)