Easy to use gesture recognition technology and SDK

Hi everybody! I'm part of the team behind to make gesture recognition accessible for developers of all skill levels. Give me a shout out for any questions...
@isabellamongalo What makes better than existing machine vision SDKs?
@jesse_golomb Thanks for the question Jesse. All you need to leverage is a computer and a 2D camera. We have made it just a few lines of code to deploy.
@isabellamongalo out of curiosity, could you share some insights about the technology stack involved?
@erik_apichai_vikander absolutely! I'll let the main maker himself take the floor @willem_prins
@erik_apichai_vikander Hi Erik I would be delighted to share some insights! I played around with gesture recognition for several months using combinations of color segmentation, background subtraction, and motion detection. I had some success, but the solution was not robust for scenes with bad lighting/similar colors. I moved onto object detection and the end result was a very fast implementation in C++ that I would train with a database of images of the desired hand gesture. The next challenge was that the database needs to contain many images with different lighting, orientations, and environments of the gesture. I designed a novel method to gather these images (I typically have about ~100,000 per gesture) and a parallelized training process. So from the selection of a gesture to a finished, detectable gesture it takes ~2-3 days (on a 40 core mammoth of a machine). Then I packaged it up and now people have an easy to use library for doing gesture recognition with much more on its way!
Will it be available for iOS ?
@alexeyndru Hi Alex, we’re working on cross-platform builds and iOS will be one of them. You can follow us on for updates.