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Hi guys! First of all many thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting! A bit more about our app: GeoZilla is the first AI-powered family locator. Technological advantages include unique algorithms for processing patterns in behavior, location tracking accuracy and your phone’s battery consumption. Normally with a family tracker initial information has to be entered manually and only then is tracked automatically by the app, while GeoZilla will identify key behaviour patterns and alert the family if deviations occur. Say, a child walks home from school every day, but one day starts moving too fast. Whatever it is: A stranger’s car that picked the kid up, or simply the school bus, parents will be informed. Please share you thoughts and upvote!
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Hi everybody, We are working on GeoZilla Family locator to provide the comprehensive family location app to every family worldwide. The biggest pain we hear from the families is a number of limitations in existing solutions, the primary being the number of family members allowed in the free package. We believe that a family locator must be an essential solution for every family. That is why we’ve decided to provide our solution for free for the families worldwide. We want to help keep families safe. We are looking for your feedback and comments to make the product better!
As to our battery-friendly location algorithm for location tracking: Well said by one of our users:
Why would I use your app instead of Find Friends (which my family uses)?
@fbara Frank. the first of all Find Friends is available only for iOS, we support all platforms. The second and the biggest reason is that the GeoZilla controls not only places, our AI controls your routes, schedule, speed - any derivation from usual behavior. We are working on a lot of amazing integrations with wearable devices - GPS trackers, emergency buttons, health sensors - we will automatically notify people you want if something goes wrong. We are also working on integrations with crime maps, offenders etc. integrations with smart-cars and smart-homes. We are much more than just check-ins and notifications - we are building the really smart AI to help you keep your family safe.
Is it absolutely free? I mean, do you have the extra plan or premium users account?
@axclever We have a Pro version. But Free one is rather extensive : 12 family members / 10 geofence zones aka my places / 3 last days for Location History
@alex_sharov OK, I got it :) Thanks!