A tool for viewing sites from different geographic locations

Hi there! If you're running a website, you might be curious to know how fast it loads on other parts of the world (I personally just found out my personal website was reaaaaallly slow in California so I'm crying right now). This tool, GeoPeeker, helps you know that and more :)
I built GeoPeeker to save me the trouble of having to call my friends on the west coast solely to see if a client's DNS had propagated properly. "Yea, you can see it, cool, but what does it look like?" I would ask. Originally I tried using proxies, but found that they seem to distort reality somewhat, often ignoring/mucking up things that were loaded via content delivery networks. GeoPeeker is built on a network of servers physically present in 12 locations around the globe. In addition to rendering sites, it can also relay back site-specific page source, ping timings, and DNS info. The coolest thing though, I think, is the new API. Now anyone can stitch GeoPeeker's features into their own apps.
Had the great pleasure of working with Christopher recently and i'm thrilled to see GeoPeeker here - it's an elegant solution to a simple problem. Awesome job!
This is great tool for Aussies! Here in Australia we have to charge GST to Australian users and not to international ones. More problematic we need to display the Australian price including GST so effectively need to display 2 sets of pricing (Can't just say plus GST). This is pretty helpful to quick check and make sure the Geo location coding is working correctly! Will be using!