Abstract geometric design in real-time.

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This really is good. I was playing with it pre-release and wrote about it here: I even changed my Twitter avatar to one made with the app :)
Thanks again for your support and the lovely write up @martinsfp. On a side note, I’m so jealous of that avatar!! :)
From their website "GeometriCam uses the iPhone camera as a live video source to generate stylish geometric compositions in real-time. Explore your surroundings through the eyes of geometry and be amazed by shapes and colors that change as you move around: creating abstract masterpieces has never been so fun and easy!" I love the idea!
Thanks for hunting @alebaffa - I really appreciate it!
I was really excited to see this release. There aren't a lot of apps on the market that go past filters so I'm happy to see something unique. The UI controls go deep in this app, almost to deep. Its going to take me some time to understand what all is possible with GeometriCam.
@kylerstewart Really appreciate the support coming from the member of one of my favorite team. GeometriCam is definitely influenced by your excellent work, guys - all the best with the launch of your new product! And I’d love to see what you’ll come up with once you have mastered GeometriCam. ;) Thanks! CC @benguerrette
Can't get it yet, on Android ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Super jealous of all my iOS using co-workers making all the cool photos. Gorgeous product @krapoz, can't wait to get my hands on it.
Of course I’d love to have GeometriCam on Android devices. Although I have to admit that the Reservoir Devs piece right on TNW hits the nail. We’ll see! In the meantime thanks a lot for your patience and your support @cecilkleine!
@krapoz @cecilkleine I loved that article. It also made me sad. But I can wait... for something great :D
Very cool. Trying it out now.
Would love to hear your impressions after some use. Thanks @joshdance!