A cutting edge learning tool for your DNA

Genomelink is your personal DNA cloud where you can learn more about your DNA identity based on the latest science. Categories including Physical Traits, Personality, Intelligence, Food & Nutrition, Fitness are available.
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Hi there! As a part of Genomelink team I'm proud to introduce this awesome product, we've been working on for almost a year now! Genomelink is the easiest way for the DNA amateur to learn about themselves through DNA. What lifestyle, temperament and strengths does your DNA predispose you to? What traits do you share with your mom, son, or even spouse? Genomelink empowers you to answer these questions. We extract the genetic insights from genomics research and present it in an easy-to-understand and engaging format. Learning about yourself and the DNA evidence behind it should be fun, not a daunting process! We started Genomelink a year ago to help make DNA insights accessible and relevant to daily life for everyone! Instead of medical and ancestry applications, we focus on educating users about how DNA shapes your personality, eating habits, allergies, micronutrient balance, physical fitness, intellect and quirky physical traits. The new traits released weekly (supported by our ongoing curation of the latest research studies) helps keep our users up to date on their DNA identity. Ultimately, we envision a world where we unlock the power of DNA to help us lead better lives. Now we’re the fastest growing startup in this space and proudly gaining recognition from the industry giants! To try out Genomelink, transfer your raw DNA data from 23andMe, or MyHeritage. (You can request access to your raw data after you’ve received your test results from these companies.) >> Your first 25 traits upon signup are on us! << Please feel free to ask @yuta_matsuda any questions! He's one of Genomelink founders. P.S.: If you like Genomelink illustrations and design overall, please check out my Dribbble over here:

A good addition to 23andme and AncestryDNA


Lots of metrics, a lot of different results, a lot of info even on a free account.


I would really like to see more generic info backed up by scientific research

I uploaded mine a while back from LivingDNA so that one works too. The results have been kind of hit or miss, but I assume that will improve over time once you have more data to go off of. It would be cool to have a “does this seem accurate?” question after each one.
@lolatesla the feedback feature is rolling out soon, finishing A/B testing, stay tuned
@lolatesla Thank you for your feedback! You got a great point and actually, now we are implementing that feature. It's coming next week so please revisit and check it out!

Good to see practical applications like this come from some of the genetic research going on now


Learning new things about myself through science


Maybe breakdown insights based on how old I am

Thanks for your product, looks promising. @yuta_matsuda can I use my data from
@yuta_matsuda I tried to upload but without any luck. On a screenshot you can see how my raw file looks like
@yuta_matsuda @gogola Sorry but our system is not compatible with data from yet. We could manually import the data if you could reach out to our support