Genius Sign

iOS document signing app, from the makers of Genius Scan

I've previously used Hello Sign to sign documents on my iPhone, but Genius Scan (another product from these devs) is the best mobile scanning app that I've found, so I'm definitely interested to start using this app. It's currently $0.99 in promo, as it just launched. I'm not sure how much they'll charge for it after - their Genius Scan+ app costs $6.99, so maybe around that. i'm not sure how to add a link to the iTunes store to download it, Product Hunt seemed to have moved/removed that functionality. But the download link is:
@_jacksmith Thanks! I'm the co-founder of @thegrizzlylabs, creator of Genius Sign and will happily answer any question you have!
Really useful product!
i am always in search for great signing services. what are the differences with other scanning/signing apps/services?
hi @ourielohayon! Here is how we are different: - designed from the ground up as a standalone mobile app --> great user experience (most competitors are really hard to use on mobile) --> other services are often spin offs of web services and they require you to go through a painful signup flow before being able to use them. Additionally the signing process is made much slower because tied to the web service - killer time-saving features --> scan your signature: even if touchscreens are good, that's the only way to get an accurate reproduction of your actual signature and other apps don't offer that --> Sign Here (detects where you have to sign) and Auto Repeat (add your initials) quickly to every page of a document
Genius Scan is easily one of my most heavily used productivity tools, love it. And this clears the 'last mile' whereas before I'd have to print/sign/GeniusScan to Dropbox. Although Adobe has a similar tool, nowhere near as convenient for mobile and dealing with docs on the go.
Hi everyone! We created Genius Sign because there was such a high demand from our Genius Scan users. We have been lucky to benefit from our experience with Genius Scan: - Genius Sign has the ability to scan signatures, - The interface is tuned to make it dead simple to add annotations We also added a couple killer features: - Sign Here automatically finds the locations users have to sign in a long document - Auto Repeat repeats your initials so that you can easily initial all the pages of a document in one tap! That's only the start, v1.0 and we are looking forward to the next iterations :)