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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Just announced at CES, this device attaches to your existing garbage can to track what you throw away (and therefor need to buy). Could be particularly useful for families parents with teens:

"It'll even text your teenager when the garbage is full."

Gabriel Lewis — 🤔
@rrhoover I remember seeing this concept by some engineering students, I wonder if they took it too market 😜
Konrad Holubek — Entrepreneur | Biz Dev with dev skills
@gabriel__lewis Eugene by the company Uzer ?
Daylen — Student and Windows Insider in Vancouver
@rrhoover Here is a video of the product:
Michal Subel — Building digital products
@rrhoover It looks like the name is GeniCan, not GenieCan
David Baruchel — Co-Founder, Bridges
@gabriel__lewis : Sound a lot like Eugene , also announced at CES, that has the additional feature of telling you which bin you should use (recycling, ...). Sounds even better for families with kids and teens @rrhoover don't you think ?
Pascal Wicht — Futures + Design + Strategy / CH
For people who have no clue about recycling, makes no sense to me. Are there really people who trash everything?
Daylen — Student and Windows Insider in Vancouver
@p45c4l The demo looks like it has two bins (one for landfill/garbage/trash/rubbish and one for recycling).  Where is organics/green waste/compost? Do other cities have green waste?
Kyle Martin — VP Product, SnipSnap
@askdaylen @p45c4l 🙄 really?
Pascal Wicht — Futures + Design + Strategy / CH
@askdaylen iron, aluminum, PET and paper make most of packaging, and I guess you want to recycle them. I am not sure this is a really a smart design story. You want to reorder stuff before they run out. Amazon dash seems better at this.
@askdaylen @p45c4l We do in Denver, CO, USA!
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