Meeting scheduling EA for Outlook, Google, Apple calendars

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Been using Genee for a year now. Whenever I need to meet with someone I just CC and it shows up on my calendar based on my time & location preferences (which Genee understands). Especially useful for group meetings.
@gr8well Thanks Eric! We have been battle testing the service in private beta with various different users demographics: Sales, Recruiters, Biz Dev, Real Estate Agents, startup CEOs, VCs, etc. One big thing we learn is that our users don't want to just make their lives easier, they want to make it easy for their invitees too. That's why we offer invitees the option to connect their calendars so that Genee can find time for everyone in one shot, instead of having invitees go back and forth on email with Genee.
I just archive emails for coffee meetings because it's to hard to schedule. Charles & Ben have been trying to make this process easier with Genee by just ccing their app and letting it suggest a time via natural language.
@abdur By the way, it not only works via email, but also SMS and iOS app. And soon, via tweets, too! All with the same natural language.
This is great, trying!
@sarajchipps Thanks so much! Which do you like better? Talk to Genee via CC on e-mail, text Genee or do it on the iPhone App?
I think cc on email will work best for me.
@sarajchipps That's great! Most of our top users are CC users!
Do both individuals have to opt in to use Genee in order for the calendar scanning and time suggestion feature to work?
@larry_lawal It doesn't require your invitees to connect their calendars to Genee. But if they do, the process would be even simpler. That's one of the reason how we do group meetings better than anyone else.