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  • Patrick J. Bradleyfounder @muusicalapp and @sososwiftUS

    Much easier and faster verification process than other exchanges for importing USD


    Only BTC and ETH

    The main role of Gemini is to exchange USD for BTC and ETH. From there you may transfer easily exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex to buy alt-coins to your heart's content. Gemini has been great for me. I have zero complaints.

    Patrick J. Bradley has used this product for one month.


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Tyler WinklevossMaker@tylerwinklevoss · Winklevoss Capital
Gemini is Live! Let us know if you have any questions. Curious to hear everyone's thoughts!
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Core Team at Nano
@tylerwinklevoss What's the difference between Gemini and Coinbase's real-time exchange?
Tyler WinklevossMaker@tylerwinklevoss · Winklevoss Capital
@zackshapiro great question. Gemini is a New York state limited liability trust company, we did not apply for or have a BitLicense which is a much lower standard. As a limited liability trust company we are a fiduciary, which allows us to accept both individual and institutional customers under New York Banking Law (unlike the BitLicense, which does not convey such fiduciary powers). In short, we can work with both Main Street and Wall Street.
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Core Team at Nano
@tylerwinklevoss Thanks Tyler
Tyler WinklevossMaker@tylerwinklevoss · Winklevoss Capital
@zackshapiro Welcome!
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch! I know you guys have been working on this for a long time - can you tell us a bit about the evolution of Gemini?
Tyler WinklevossMaker@tylerwinklevoss · Winklevoss Capital
@eriktorenberg Absolutely. Cameron and I first learned about Bitcoin in the summer of 2012. We were immediately bitten by the Bitcoin bug and started to buy bitcoins the asset. At the time the only exchange was Mt. Gox. As stakeholders in Bitcoin we felt that this was problematic for a host of reasons and disagreed with the race to the bottom mentality and general trend among bitcoin companies of moving offshore and away from regulation. As investors with Winklevoss Capital, we looked for exchanges to bet on but couldn't find any that we felt were getting it right -- so we decided to go do it ourselves. We started to build Gemini to fix an major infrastructure problem in Bitcoin, namely the lack of regulated onramps and gateways into Bitcoin in the United States. If Bitcoin was going to grow up, Bitcoin companies needed to start acting like grownups. We opened a dialogue with regulators a year and a half ago, recruited top tier financial engineers and began building a platform that was as safe, secure and compliant as any top tier financial institution in the world. We think we achieved our goals and today we're open for business! We're excited to talk more about the evolution of Gemini and our journey in Bitcoin with you guys on 10/15 during our Product Hunt AMA!
Nikhil Kundra@nikhil_kundra
Congrats on the launch! Proud and inspired to see you guys be doing so much. Great investors, great founders. So excited for Gemini.
Tyler WinklevossMaker@tylerwinklevoss · Winklevoss Capital
@nikkundra Thanks for the kind words Nikhil! Really appreciate it!
sarah kunst@sarahkunst · .
So excited to use this. The Winklevosses have been leaders on Bitcoin since its inception and this is the most exciting thing in the space in a long time.