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1. So there's a thing on the Internet called Fuckscapes. They are super offensive. But they are also super beautiful. 2. A while ago, I legit heard myself say, "we're going to disrupt fuckscapes" which I acknowledge is literally the most preposterous, start up, douche bag sentence ever said. 3. Except it's (kinda) true. These things rule. They shouldn't all be super crude and the kind of thing I can't show my daughter. So now I can make my own version of fuckscapes but they can be cute instead of totally insane and it's fun and I really love this app to be honest and am so thankful the team cranked it out so fast. So that's how we got here. Would love to hear your thoughts, especially suggestions and photo requests. And big shout out to unsplash for making awesome content accessible!
Always good to see such products which make daily life work easier.
Super stoked to see this out in the wild. Obligatory Q: any plans for Android?
@cambel More than usual, yes. There's just so many of you, it seems a bloody shame to not give you this disruptive super power as well. ha. But yeah, honestly do want to figure out how to get an Android version out ASAP.
@cambel @mackflavelle Hi Mack, I'm you're still looking to port your app to Android, I'm an Android Engineer and could assist you in that space. Check out my portfolio at :)